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曾經在The Wall、饒河街旁的金屬極境挖寶的搖滾客們,堅持的心永遠不滅,新版的網購將逐步更新,大家千萬記得這個屬於搖滾客的天地。


搖滾帝國 狂人演藝 是一個結合搖滾音樂演唱會推廣、出版發行、網路銷售平台的音樂公司。辛苦耕耘穩紮穩打之下以"金屬極境"為唱片展示門市,在2019新冠肺炎疫情持續的狀況下,進化為線上商店。我們以台灣為根據地,持續在台灣、中國、香港、日本、韓國、泰國、新加坡....等地區,統籌舉辦許多知名樂團及樂手的演唱會。結合全國大專院校的熱門音樂社團及各地區的樂器行,共同推廣搖滾樂。此過程中,不忘提攜國內優秀的樂團及樂手,讓他們有機會與國外樂團同台表演。

歷年活動 Live History 1999~2006
歷年活動 Live History 2007~2024

Rock Empire Music / The Rock Promotions Co., Ltd. is a music company that integrates rock music, band concert promotions, publishing and online sales. With steady efforts, "Metal Gate CD/DVD Shop" is the record display store as a dreamland. It becomes an online shop during Covid-19. Based in Taiwan, it continues to organize concerts of many well-known pop-rock, rock and metal bands and musicians in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore... and other regions.

Combining popular music societies in colleges and universities across Taiwan and musical instrument shops to promote rock music. We did not forget to bring outstanding Taiwanese bands and musicians so that they could have the opportunities to perform on the same stage with worldwide famous foreign bands.

Live History 1999~2006
Live History 2007~2024

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