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曾經在The Wall、饒河街旁的金屬極境挖寶的搖滾客們,堅持的心永遠不滅,新版的網購將逐步更新,大家千萬記得這個屬於搖滾客的天地。

2016年4月12日 星期二


Safety Instructions

Don’t Overnight on Campus, Smoking, Litter, Personal items left unattended, Pushing others.

- To maintain campus safety, please come to line up the same day. Do not stay on campus overnight.
- No Smoking in Taipei University of Technology campus and the ecological park. No Littering.
- Bring your backpack to place your belonging.
- Do not run and pushing others anytime.

Posted guidelines only around the venue
No toilet in the venue
Line Up near the Venue

No toilet inside the venue, but B1 (next to the OK store), and the right-field pavilion 7-storey. Please do the preparation in advance, so as not to lose the first time entering location.

Entrance Number
→ 14:00 Entrance number issued→  Line Up → Doors Open
→ No Entrance number issued after 18:00 → Go to waiting area directly
→ Who passed the number → followed the instructions by the staff

- Entrance Number will be issued at 14:00 - 18:00
- One ticket for one Entrance Number. "Each person take 2 Entrance Number Only."
- Do not get the Entrance Number of Rock Area in the "Upper deck" Line; and vice versa.
- VIP Entrance Number is issuing with gift. 
- Entrance Number sticker will show the time when to line up again in waiting area. Please try not to stay on campus after Entrance number issued, and return at the right time.
- At 18:00, stopped issuing Entrance Number. Who do not get the Entrance Number, go to your own ticket waiting area, and instructed by the staff. "Rock area ticket" to meet rock area waiting area, " Upper deck tickets" to meet Upper deck waiting area.
- Passed the number: Please arrange arrival by staff, shall not require immediate admission
As long as the Doors Open, who has already received Entrance Number and may not return to the waiting area in time. Do not cut in line anytime. Please ask the staff and follow the instructions.

Tickets: on-site ticketing, not replacement,
Ticket redemption without entrance number

- Ticketing on site, Only Rock area available.
 If your ticket lost or you forgot to bring the ticket, not for replacment.
- Tickets cannot tear up with their own, nor the root of admission tickets.

Performance Notice: Smoking, Food, Drinking, Sound recording and Photo, Video, Flash, Stage Diving and Standing Walkway are prohibited.

- Staff have the right to leave the audience in the show, and may not re-enter the venue.
- To respect the rights of others and public safety, the second floor " Upper deck " prohibited items and bags on the seat.
- Avoid falling, do not stand at " Upper deck " during the show.

14:00, limited edition merchandise sale and bag storage service

Buy merchandise, follow staff instructions, line up please!

 photo Nightwish Merch Display TWN_meitu_1_zpsg5pplw23.jpg

- Purchase merchandise more than $2200TWD and enjoy the bag storage service for free. Limited for 200 bags.
- CD, DVD, Hoodies, Shirt, Tank, Rope Bag…limited edition merchandise, please buy them in the afternoon, to avoid sold out.
- Do not put money and valuables in your storage bag. Don’t take your bags and storage them again before the concert, to avoid lost.
- Keep your storage card in order to get your bags back.

※Organizers reserve the rights to revised the announcements.

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